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Production company based in Mallorca dedicated to the audiovisual sector in the Balearic Islands. We create and produce audiovisual content and provide the creativity and the necessary technical solutions to offer an immediate response to your needs.

We are a Mallorca-based company providing English-speaking video and television production services to a worldwide client base. Combining our English speaking background with deep knowledge of video production in Mallorca and Spain, we offer you the best of both worlds.

Since 2005 EngTvMedia has been providing camera crews to a range of TV stations and companies in places as Spain, UK, Germany or Egipt . Our international make-up gives us a unique perspective in assisting clients whose native or working language is English with their production needs in Mallorca. We do our best to help you eliminate the hassles of working in a foreign count

Whether in pre-production or as part of an ongoing shoot – camera crewing, line producing, research, and location fixing are the services that are keeping us in demand. 

Our portfolio includes video productions in every field of communication: news, sports events, documentaries, educational videos, health videos and tourism videos.

Our camera crew in Spain is based in Mallorca, but we can work for you also in Ibiza, Formentera, Menorca, and all over Spain.

Thanks to our long experience in different video fields, we developed a fast and efficient working method. Our services also include editing on location, live streaming of events and daily upload of contents on the Web. Moreover, we can realize highlight videos almost in real time, so you will have something to show to your audience at the end of the event itself. Otherwise, delivery of footage is possible via international shipping or online services.

Each ENG camera operator is extremely flexible and qualified. Over the years, we got used to work in different environments, which makes us ready to face all situations. You can hire a camera crew in Mallorca and everywhere else in Balearic Islands and Spain.

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Audiovisual Production Service for Agencies, Production Companies or Individuals.


We cover all kinds of news live or for sending.

We are ENG camera operators in Mallorca.


VR 360

360º videos do not disappoint. Brands testing this new format have shown that they can tell interesting stories that are exciting and fascinating.



We offer the creation of professional videos of your events, conferences or conventions.



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