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Virtual Tours integrated into Street View

Google Street View Trusted is a new Google project designed to enhance the image that local businesses offer on the internet.
Thanks to Street View technology, customers will be able to visit the facilities of a business as if they were right there.
The service is complemented by a series of high-quality professional photographs that will be displayed on Google associated with your business.
Google Street View Trusted shows your business to the world like never before!

Check our 360 business products:


Invite customers to enter your store with a virtual Google StreetView Trusted tour of your business on, Google Maps and Google Search… With these 360 business products:

1. New times, new demands
Customers demand more information. Showing your business with a virtual visit will reveal details that would otherwise be impossible. Remember that a virtual visit is the closest thing that we have today to a face-to-face visit.

2. No pressure
A virtual visit is a multimedia space where the client chooses where to go, where to look and the time he wants to spend in each place. A video forces customers to receive information with no choice but to sit, watch and hear. Now from any device they will be the ones who decide what interests them and they can spend the time they want and need to know your facilities.

3. No cheating, satisfied customers.
Virtual visits from Google faithfully show your facilities and allow you to get an excellent idea of ​​what you offer. The customer will see what they will really find when they visit you. For this reason, when he physically visits your premises, he will not be disappointed by what he finds. If it has come to you it is because you want what you offer.

4. New times, see and pass
“Come and See” In the old days we used to use this phrase to attract customers. Today things have changed and customers want to see to decide if they happen. Show your business and attract new customers.


Details of the study carried out for Google:

44% of consumers looking for companies do so using maps and similar products.

On average, 41% of these searches usually end in a user visit to the facilities.

If the cards have photos and a virtual tour, they are twice as likely to generate interest.

10 advantages of having Google Street View in your  business

Google Street View is part of Google Maps and Google Earth and is in charge of taking virtual tours in businesses, providing panoramic views at street level, that is, an image of 360 degrees of horizontal movement and 290 degrees of vertical movement, which allows users to see selected city locations, as well as its surrounding metropolitan areas. Google Street View is a very useful tool for business today, if you do not know its service and the benefits it brings, here we give you 10 advantages that Street View provides to your business.

  • 1. Improve your business image: Keep your business image at the forefront by adding high-quality images to your data already present in search results on Google, Google Maps.

  • 2. Business open 24 hours: With the 360º virtual visit you allow users from anywhere in the world to enter your business and explore it, any day and time.

  • 3. Advantage over competition: A virtual tour, which is also perceived by users as interactive, attracts more than conventional static photos. Increase VISIBILITY and TRAFFIC towards your business. Not to mention that it is much more attractive to tourists and potential customers.

  • 4. Positioning: You will gain increased traffic due to the increase in CTR (Click Through Ratio), that is, it helps your site stand out and better position in Google.

  • 5. Improve the user experience: A virtual tour encourages your business to stand out in search results, so that users feel welcome and are motivated to personally visit your 360º establishment. With the implementation of Google Street View your business is more visible on Google Maps, and can be integrated into it from Street View tours, improving the experience of users and potential customers.

  • 6. Trust and loyalty: With the virtual tour and the high-quality photos that the Street View service offers, you help your clients and potentials to get to know your facilities, earning their trust and loyalty.

  • 7. They can share it on their social networks: If your users have been satisfied with your 360 business products or want others to see what you offer, they can add the virtual tour on their website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • 8. Geolocation: Users will be able to get to your business through the best routes, that is, the shortest and least traveled routes. Since it includes Google Mapsl, the most downloaded application in the world since it is increasingly common to use the phone and tablets to search for geolocated businesses.

  • 9. Certified photographers: Only photographers certified by Google are authorized to take these photos in 360º, that is, the photos will be of quality and captured by experts. In addition, the new photos link the name of your company with that of Google and Google Maps.

  • 10. You have the rights to the photos: Finally, all property rights to the photos are transferred to the businesses. Therefore, they can freely use them in whatever they wish, be it advertisements, flyers, website, magazines, etc.

9 statistics of virtual visits you need to know:

  • 1. The return on investment in virtual tours is estimated in less than four weeks.

    Unlike other content initiatives that can take months to demonstrate ROI (Return On Investment), companies that use virtual tours see results much faster.

    Virtual tours follow all the guidelines for perfect digital content: 360 business products are exclusive to your brand, interactive and attractive.

  • 2. Virtual visits keep people on a website 5 to 10 times longer.

    Virtual visits receive more than five million visits a day because they generate interest and are an important component in the decision-making process for clients.

    In this way, people spend 5 to 10 times more time on web pages with an integrated virtual visit than on those without 360 business products.

  • 3. The real estate tokens with a virtual tour get 87% more visits.

    Virtual property tours have become a huge part of real estate marketing. And the cards that have a virtual visit usually arouse more interest than those that do not.

    Consider customers who may be looking for a home from another location far from where the property is located. Virtual home or real estate tours are a 24/7 open house that does the job of the real estate agent, even when interested clients are unable to come in person to view a home.

  • 4. Two thirds of people want more virtual visits.

    As virtual visits are appearing in listings, search results, and real estate websites, more and more customers are demanding them. According to Google, most people demand virtual tours today, with 67% of respondents claiming to prefer a virtual tour when searching the web.

  • 5. Virtual tours help double interest in business searches.

    Appearing in Google search results increases brand engagement, reputation, and trust, so a Google business with a virtual visit gets 2 times more interest than someone who doesn’t have 360 business products.

  • 6. Among young people between 18 and 34 years of age, a 130% higher probability of booking based on a virtual visit is expected.

    With the change of generation, millennials are more likely to book an event, hotel or use a service if the business has a virtual visit.

  • 7. Google prefers images to display in their thumbnails with a 2: 1 aspect (the one used in 360º images).

    In a study conducted in 2018, it has been shown that Google prefers an image with a 2: 1 ratio instead of 4: 3 flat digital photography when displaying image thumbnails in search results. In other words, when a company has a virtual visit linked to its Google My Business listing, Google will show those 360º thumbnails before traditional 4: 3 or 16: 9 photographs, which will capture more attention in the customer search if we put in relation to this fact with the user’s preference over the search results of a business that has a virtual tour compared to the one that does not.

  • 8. A virtual tour in Google Street View represents a 16% growth in the appearances of Google Search and Google Maps.

    In that same study, it has been shown that having a virtual visit in Google directly influences the frequency with which it appears in organic searches from Google and Maps.

  • 9. There is a 12% improvement in engagement of search results that have a virtual visit from Google.

    Naturally, therefore, companies with a virtual visit of Google see a greater commitment in the customer with their business, which translates into more conversions and presence on the network.

  • 10. You have the rights to the photos: Finally, all property rights of the 360 business products are transferred to the businesses. Therefore, they can freely use them in whatever they wish, be it advertisements, flyers, website, magazines, etc.